Resolving Emotional Blocks with Psilocybin


Brief History of Psychedelics and their Healing Power

Communities all throughout the world have been using naturally occurring psychotropic plants and fungi for spiritual, mental, and physical healing for a much longer than is often believed. In ceremonial contexts, psilocybin mushrooms have been utilized as medicine for individuals seeking a more profound healing. The Sahara desert contains a sequence of cave paintings depicting psychedelic mushrooms; the Aztecs and Mayans used mind-expanding mushrooms to communicate with the divine; the northern Siberian people participated in spiritual interactions with Amanita Muscaria; and so on. Buy Mr Mushies online.

Nevertheless, the healing practice was repressed as humans strayed from the natural order, and the medicinal benefits of psilocybin mushrooms were lost on the western world. Then, a new wave of psychedelic movements began in the 1950s thanks to Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, a book that detailed his trip on mescaline. It gained traction when several other academics from the West actively discussed the possible therapeutic benefits of hallucinogens. Unfortunately, the start of the war on drugs in the 1970s brought an abrupt halt to the groundbreaking study on psychedelics. The second wave of psychedelic treatment, which is supported by clinical research, has been making waves in the public eye in recent years. According to research, magic mushrooms are an effective medication for treating addiction, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Haus of utopia chocolate bars online.

Resolving Emotional Blocks

Emotions were frequently unidentify, unwanted, and in my household. Expressing more intense feelings, like grief and rage, was view as “unproductive” and “burdensome,” a humiliating act that included burdening people needlessly with trivial problems. As a result, I became aloof from admitting and experiencing emotions, instead burying them deep in my mind like secrets.
We have an innate dread of the unknown. Things become disproportionately dominant and frightening when we push them into the shadows and sweep them under the rug. Emotions have more influence over us the more room they take up in the dark subconscious. A vicious cycle of fear and emotion suppression develops over time, becoming concentrated on as a coping method.

Healing Emotional Traumas with Psilocybin Mushrooms

I was resting on the ground not long after eating the mushroom. Curled up into a ball, like in the womb of the mother. My body sank into the earth organically, but instead of feeling heavy as it usually does, I felt like my body was the same density as the earth and the welcoming air.

With mushrooms, I felt relate to nature and my customary aversion to emotions disappear, and I thought it was appropriate to let my anguish out on her. Absent the human ego, nature did not condemn my shortcomings or feelings.

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Resolving Emotional Blocks

Although the ceremony did not happen in this exact order, this is what I came to realize after processing it for days, months, and years. Firstly, mushrooms helped to bring awareness to my emotional blockages. I learn what laid at the roots of my fear was my fear of not being love for who I am, one of the scars that many modern dwellers have. Unconsciously, my actions reflected my clinginess to others’ acceptance, approval, and love, and fear of showing how I felt and who I was. In the same way that fungi naturally decompose old and dead matter and recycle the energy for something new, sacred mushrooms made me understand what no longer served me and what I needed to let go of.

Secondly, the psychedelic experience brought the mind to quieten down and see the present in a completely new light. While thinking and judging less, I could tune more deeply into my feelings, senses, and instincts. Psilocybin mushrooms come from an extensive underground mycelium, a complex web that resembles the neural network in the brain. Many studies show the effect of Psilocybin on boosting neuroplasticity, which refers to the changes in how neurons grow and communicate with each other. In other words, magic mushrooms can serve as a powerful medicine that can rewire the brain, which helps to resolve habitual fear-based responses of the past and set new paths based on one’s intentions.

Final Words on Resolving Emotional Blocks

With intention, Psilocybin Mushroom has the infinite potential for healing psychological traumas and emotional blockages and bringing experienced-based tranquility to the troubled body, mind, and soul. A psychedelic experience is a portal that travels across time and space. Within the portal, the mushrooms take the travelers to the root of the emotional pain, unveil what lies in the shadow of their psyche, and guide them through the spiritual quest of finding individual and collective healing. Healing is possible when one brings the light of awareness into the dark shadow, and the psilocybin mushroom, known as the “Los Niños Santos”, meaning Holy Children, can shine a stray of holy light into your journey.

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